My Passion is teaching Advanced EFT Workshops for those who have a good understanding of the basics and are ready to dig deeper.


    Can be done face-to-face or over Skype




This is a two day workshop, designed to:

  • Teach you the power of using Projection tapping

  •  Teach you how to use the Magic Bears for Projection tapping

  • How to put ALL of the problem into the bear,
    then communicate with the bear to get to the core of the
    problem....this takes all the pressure off the child or adult.

  • How to work both with adults and children.  

  • Learn how to do Flow-Tapping. 

  • Learn the effectiveness of Flow-tapping

  • Included will be several hints and tips for working with children

  • Working with Teenagers, parents and familes

  • Learning to teach parents how to tap with their own kids

  • Learn the basics of Brain wave experiments which help you understand how to
    better 'entrain' with children and adults

  • Learn how to use the bears for Family Constellation tapping

  • How to use bears to tap and 'talk to', 'talk about', and 'talk as'






This is a powerful workshop which helps you find previously hidden, denied parts of yourself or your clients and uncovers places where you have been sabotaging yourselves and been stuck.  I first  

presented these in the UK to an audience of over 100 enthralled people.   I then did a Full Day workshop which ended up being fully booked, I had to turn people away because there was not enough  room.

You will learn:

1)  How to discover the theme or polarity of the problem

2)  How to draw up the quadrant and label each corner

3)  How to uncover or collect the data  (who writes, who taps, etc.)   (how much?)

4)  We stop to tap where needed.  (how to know)

5)  When to go back through and feed back the data.

6)  How to explore each piece of data to uncover more. 

7)  How to find Double-binds, limiting beliefs, old vows, specific events, etc.

8)  How to 'flow tap' and tap all over each piece of data to explore, shift, uncover.

9)  How to tap back and forth between the corners, snipping connecting threads.

10)  Who else in your family ran this pattern of consciousness?

11)  Why did I pick it up and carry it forward?   (tapping for that)

12)  Do I need to continue to carry it? 

13)  Examining Previous lifetimes and their polarities/dualities.

14)  How to put all four corners into both hands

15)  Bring together and ask for Help in balancing.

16)  Let go.  Turn it over to the Supreme.  (raising hands)






  • A road map for understanding the flow of consciousness.

  • A road map for helping you find all four corners of a problem pattern.

  • A way to tap yourself back to heart centered living.

  • A way to find those most hidden, denied separated parts of yourselves and your clients.

  • An understanding of Duality Consciousness.

  • An understanding of how our emotions flow and the fact that we contain the ALL.

  • An understanding of how important ACCEPTANCE is, that we can NOT 'get rid of' anything. 

  • IThe importance of tapping to balance.

  • We uncover Loops in consciousness and double binds, where one part is fighting with another part.

  • We learn how to begin clearing and balancing the ego.

  • You will now know, when you sit down with a client, where to start, how to keep going.

  • Go back to your stuck clients or to issue for yourself with which you have found yourself stuck and uncover the hidden problem.

  • This is the most effective technique I've found to help you be the best self therapist that you can be.

  • Great technique for those challenging clients, those ones you are 'stuck' with.

  • Learn to FLOW with life.

  • Learn how to allow emotions to FLOW THROUGH you.

  • Realign your Emotional pendulum.

  • Raise your vibration. 

       HOW TO RUN WEIGHT     
            LOSS GROUPS:


  • This has been a popular workshop for those who want to introduce EFT to people by running weight loss groups. 

  • A very comprehensive manual, with absolutely everything you could imagine in it.  Enough info to run many weeks of WL groups. 

  • Designed for tapping effectively with your group and teaching them to tap on their own.

  • Learn about Weight times lines for getting to the core issues

  • Learn that there is much more behind weighty issues than just food


  • Keeping up on your tapping skills enhances your work with clients.

  • The Best practitioners do everything they can to become better and better at what they are doing. 

  • I love mentoring others and have many unique skills to share.

  • If you are having problems with a difficult client, schedule a mentoring session with me and we will role play that client and find ways to move through any obstacles. 







  • Sometimes we just need time to work on our own stuff.

  • If we don't keep clearing ourselves, we will not be able to expand with out work with others. 

  • Come tap, learn and clear

  • Learn more about yourself

  • Learn more about tapping with groups




  • Tapping retreats are a great gift to yourself.

  • A way to spend several days focusing just on your own issues



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