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If you have recently received bad news from your doctor and are struggling to know what to do next to how to handle the emotions around that, I have extensive experience is working in this area.   We first deal with the emotions that you're struggling with now.  Then we take a look at any past traumas or stuck energy that might underlie this illness.  We explore fears and negative beliefs about illness, family history, childhood issues and much more.  Our goal is to clear out as much as possible to give your body back it's power to heal.  Our bodies are constantly striving to keep us in balance.  Each time we tap, we clear more space for balance.




If you have lost someone close to you and feel completely swamped with grief, able to barely function,  you could benefit from working with me to help you make the grieving process much more 'bearable.'  I've had clients come to me that could barely make it through their days.  Their jobs were in jeapardy and their families were being abandoned because they simply could barely move one foot in front of the other.  In just one session of about two hours, we had completely begun to turn this around.  A couple more sessions and they were back, living their lives.  One particular client had two small children who really needed their Mother.  She had contacted me three times since I've worked with her.  Each time to tell me of new and exciting things that were happening in her life after the work she did with me.  The most recent contact was to let me know that she had found the love of her life who was also a very good Father to her two little children.  Nothing makes me any happier than to see someone be able to take control of their lives.





Perhaps you are struggling to keep your marriage going or just need to become more clear on whether to make it work or break it off?  I can help you clear your mind and emotions so that you have more clear thinking and are able to see the road ahead and make the right choices for you and your partner and family.


I love working with couples, first one-to-one, then having them tap face-to-face; sometimes, because of tapping, they are only just, for the first time, really 'hearing' each other.


If you have children, we can work to help make it easier for them to deal with whatever happens and we'll work with you, as parents, to become more aware of how to help them get through this in the best and healthiest possible way.




Perhaps you are hating your job, wanting a change, needing to be clear on what to do next?  Or maybe you need help in clearing the energy so as to attract the job that you are wanting.  Or perhaps you have a big interview coming up and want help in feeling more confident and prepared?  I've worked with many clients who were wanting to attract a job, or have a big interview that they were panicking about.  Tapping makes all the difference.




Depression is when you feel as if you are sucked deep into this black hole and don't know how to get out.  There can be sadness, grief, frustration and anger all layered underneath depression.  Let's tap to help you peel away those layers, find out where this originated and help you get back into the game of life.

For one client, we worked two or three hours to clear out about five past events where she'd felt helpless and hopeless.  Once those had been tapped and cleared, she transformed before our eyes.  Her clouds of depression just lifted and were permanently gone.

For other clients, it's been a much more complicated road than that.  We tap and take it step by step, as if moving up a ladder to better and better feelings and more strength.  We help them find new ways of perceiving and handling what is coming at them in life.




Believe it or not, Tapping to energetically let go of your home can greatly enhance it's success rate of being sold.  You may think you're ready to leave it, but once you begin tapping, you realize there is something that you are unconsciously hanging onto that is acutally blocking the sale from moving forward.  Let's tap and explore from all angles until you feel completely sure and ready to turn your home over to the best buyers, then notice how quickly the energy begins to shift and 'coincidences' begin to happen!




Children take to tapping so quickly and easily.  You might not even get through a whole round of tapping before their 'problem' has shifted.  And it's because of that that it is important to catch the child when they are 'in' the particular emotion.   




Especially with children who are under the age of three, it can be most effective to tap WITH the parents, whist the child is playing in the same room.  I've done this many time, every effectively and stumbled upon this technique quite accidently several years ago.

It's been the most effective way to work with them.  Several times, whilst doing this, the child will pretend as though they are playing and not paying attention, but every so often, they will just suddenly 'add' something to the words you are using.  In one particular case, when we hit a core issue, the child actually really reacted with this little hysterical laugh as if to say:  "Oh, I've been found out."  The issue with the child changed overnight. 




I love workting with teenagers.  You can bond or build rapport with them very quickly because they are so appreciative of finally feeling Understood.  In fact, feeling understood is one of the real magical benefits of EFT for children. 

There have been studies done with young offenders who keep ending up in jail.  When asked what went wrong in their lives,  great percentage of them replied, "No one ever listened to me when I was growing up." 


I was working with a teenager one day who had kept getting in trouble both at home and at school.  The teachers kept telling him that he was the one instigating the trouble, that it was his fault.  He kept arguing that it was not him.  As he sat down to tell me what was wrong, I got him tapping, then began to repeat his words back to him:  "Even though they say it's my fault but it's really their fault.  They started it and noone can see that or will believe me."   At that moment, this young man lifted his head up so that his eyes met mine and he almost shouted with glee:  "Yeah, THAT'S IT.  That's RIGHT!"     He was so excited that it felt like I truly understood.  All I was doing was repeating back to him his words.  


Even if that's all parents ever did when there was an issue with a child, repeat back whatever the child says before going any further with any lectures or anything, it could create miracles.  What a difference that might make in a child's life.  Most parents are trying to 'right-fight' with their child.   ('I' am the parent and I am right.)   Children just need their feelings acknowledged but do not know how to ask for that.  We, as parents, are unknowingly trying to tell them how they SHOULD feel.   




I KNOW it is not easy being a parent.  Not only have I raised two children of my own, but I also helped my second husband finish raising his four sons.  Anything that I can do to help make that job easier for parents makes me happy.  I only wish I'd had this tapping tool when I was raising my children. 

Tapping can help you form a closer bond with your children so that they feel more understood and you feel more connected rather than separated.  By teaching parents how to tap with their children, they can help them in so many ways...with their fears, phobias, homework issues, test anxieties, girlfriend and boyfriend fears and issues and so much more.  Just imagine having the use of this powerful tool to help you strengthen your family bonds! 




I've had some exciting things happen whilst working with families.   Talk about bonding!  I've even had parents ask to tap with each other whilst the children are present.  In that situation, I will have the children tap on bears 'for' their parents whilst the parents tap and talk to each other, with first one tapping and talking while listening, then the other doing the same.  Imagine what you are teachng your children when they see you work out problems in this way!   And kids LOVE to be little helpers.


It's natural when children hear their parents fighting or having problems, to feel like it's their fault, that somehow they must have done something wrong.  So imagine what it will do for them to be able to tap to HELP their parents. 




Stress is one of the biggest factors in most illnesses.  When the body is in 'fight-and-flight mode, all the energy is reserved for getting to safety.  Therefore, there is no energy left for natural healing.  Releasing stress, frees up the energy so that the body can do what it is naturally meant to do, heal itself. 



Have helped people who were having severe panic attacks.  They were already being seen by a doctor, psychologist and counselor, but had seen no improvement until we did some Intensive Tapping sessions and taught the clients to do some 'homework' tapping as well.  



Amazing results.  What was even more exciting, was that the client, in a coma at the time, KNEW this tapping was being done for her! 


























Tap to Transform Life

Try it on everything! 

The biggest problem you'll have with tapping is that you will FORGET to tap often enough.  It can quickly transform negative emotions and help you more easily find new ideas, new solutions, new inspiration.   Help to make anything better.



Most people will pick up the phone to ask for help when they have reached a tipping point, when they are so stressed out that they are ready to boil.


Stress affects every cell in your body in a negative way.   It's one of the leading causes of illnesses and death.


Use EFT/Tapping to Reduce stress!


You may also want to use Tapping to Be Better at what you are Good at such as the following:


SPORTS .......

MUSIC .......... 


Is there something that is blocking you from being the best that you can be?
Does it create deep anxiety when you think about standing in front of a crowd to speak? 
Are you having troubles hitting the highest note when you sing?
Would you like to improve that Golf Swing?
Maybe you are not hitting the percentage of free throws that you would like to?
Our mental fears cause our body to respond.  Our muscles will tense, our fight and flight response kicks in and we don't have the resources available for our bodies to react in the way we are intending.  Naturally, if your body is all tensed up, you will not be able to hit your highest note, or your best record of free throws or to swing that golf club in the correct way.   Tapping helps correct and reverse this.
First, we focus on what we want to change or what isn't going right, then tap and talk about it, really getting our mind to 'tune in' to what we are working on, then keep tapping until it changes.  Sometimes we have to change the words as the problem shifts and changes.  Keep going until you get the results you want. 
PERSISTENCE and FOCUS are the KEY Ingredients in the Tapping process.   
Similar to acupunture.
We manipulate the energy system but instead of using needles we use finger tips to tap on end points of the energy meridians, those that lie closest to the surface of the skin and are therefore easily manipulated.  
Another difference between tapping and acupuncture, is that whilst we are tapping, we focus the mind on what is bothering us so as to bring up in the mind, the proper 'file' that needs revised.   
It's especially important that we Focus....put the mind and our attention on whatever is bothering us as we tap.
* Based on ancient  

Linda, It's been a long time since you helped me with my eye problem.  First of all I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me. I was a complete mess coming to terms with the diagnosis. After that day of tapping and working with you, I kept regularly tapping on issues that were coming up and kept a journal of my thoughts and feelings. A couple of the biggest issues that I was still struggling with were being so fearful and the belief that I coudldn't heal. I read those books that you had recommended.  and found them fascinating.  I went on to study my condition and learned that acupunture could also help so I did some of that and continued with my tapping.  I also began reading other books as well.   One day I woke up with a clear belief that I could heal myself and suddenly my focus shifted to enjoying my life and now my eyes are improving and healing.   So thank you again. Your work and input sent me on an amazing journey! 


Susan B

I have been wanting to say thank you for our WONDERFUL day together. 

I am SO grateful for the love and respect that underpins all the work you do.  I am  changed in so many ways that I can hardly recognise myself!  It has taken me this long to process and complete the stories we unearthed.  I will write again with all that I've learned but just wanted to say a huge Thank you for helping me change my life! 


Leslie B

 I feel so truly blessed not only about the amazing things that have been happening to me since our day together,  but just the natural and comfortable shape my life is taking, and your amazing, caring and powerful therapy has indeed been the very thing I needed to blast me into place!!!  I just knew you would be the right gal for me!  I am truly blessed, also, to have such a beautiful and talented woman as you in my life and it is so much the richer for having known you.  Bless you for calling me to you and helping me so much.


Rachael Jones

Thanks so much for a brilliant day yesterday.  I had the best nights sleep I have had for years and life is a bowl of cherries right now.  Everything seems much lighter, brighter and I feel light years away from that dark place I shared with you yesterday. I know to keep tapping and that things may recur but I feel confident I have the techniques to take me forward.



Linda, it was such a privilege to share time with you and to have the benefit of all your incredible expertise.  My very grateful thanks for all your help and may love and light be wih you always.



Hi Linda

Just wanted to tell you that Lilly has been doing some amazing work on herself with the bear.

I taught her to tap about a year ago but all she said was she wasn't sure what to put in the set ups so never really did much.

Since the day with you she has been using Magic Buttons every day.  Last night she was telling me that all kinds of things have been popping up - birth issues, loss of her father , work stuff - all related one after the other with out her thinking!! She is delighted.Also things are coming up that she felt she'd dealt with in counselling several years ago.

Thought you might like the feedback as to what one day can do.



We begin our tapping on the Side of the Hand,  at the Karate chop point because THIS point is where we 'make friends' with our problem.


As we start to tap on the side of the hand, we state what the problem is so as to focus the mind on where we want to Direct the tapping.


Just tapping with no focus, won't create much in the way of results.  We want to aim our tapping work AT something, an issue that is bothering us.


We begin tapping and use the words, "Even though I have this _____ problem,  I accept myself and this problem."


Now:  This last part of the statement is how we make friends with our problem.


We are basically telling our system that even though we have this particular problem, we are no longer going to fight it, we are now accepting it and working with it.


We continue tapping on this 'making friends with the problem' point, whilst we repeat this statement three times.  This gets the mind really tuned IN to what we are wanting to work on....we are 'aligning' ourselves with the problem.


Once we finish the three statements, we then tap a few times (5 - 7) on each point whist we simply state the name of the problem only.


So we START with the side of the hand.  The particular order that you tap doesn't really matter but I like to move from the hand to the top of the head and then move down the body and back to the hand again.


Not everyone includes the top of the head point but I feel it's a very important point.  Many meridians merge at this important area.  I've had a few clients that particularly needed this meridian stimulated to get a good and complete clearing.


Of course, there is a LOT more to the tapping process, but this is a simple explanation and for small issues, it can be very effective.


It's also very effective to use a Tapping bear.  Just follow the red heart points on the bear, tap on each of them whilst you talk all about what is bothering you and how you feel about it.


It you begin tapping and tears or other emotions come to the surface, it is VERY important to KEEP tapping and tapping until they subside.  You are releasing these emotions that have been 'trapped' since this incident, releasing them from your body and energy field.  Just talking about the problem only keeps it going round and round.  Tapping helps you eventually let it go for good.




 Linda Wood was one of the 

 Authors of a brilliant EFT book,  "EFT & Beyond."  

 Each Author, chosen from a collection of EFT Experts, wrote a chapter

 for this book.  A brilliant EFT Resource.   





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