Magic Tapping Bears

                                       Linda Designed the:

                               World's first EFT Tapping Bear

                                "Projection Tapping Tool"


                      The 'Original' Tapping Bears/Critters


                                 Brought into the world

                                by Creator, Linda Wood

 MASTER of Bear tapping, All day Intensives and Quadrant tapping


                     "The Birth of Magic Buttons Bear" 
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     Empowered with  a special energy (and inserted with

     crystals to help hold that energy)  to help empower your work

      while you tap to clear and balance your issues.


Magical Tool for Working with Children, standing back from your own issues, Surrogate tapping, and so much more.


The idea for the Magical Bears came to me through intuitive dreams and messages back in about 2004 and kept persisting until I paid attention.


I have to admit, that at first, I kept resisting but the messages became more and more persistent until eventually I had no choice but  to sit up and pay attention.  It was then that I began designing and making Tapping Bears and using them in my work.  The more I used them, the more my Divine Helpers would inspire me with new ways of working with them.  As I began teaching others what I had been learning, countless  tapping success stories began pouring in and I realized how much Magic was doing to transform lives around the world. 


Some time after I'd been working with the bears, I had an opportunity to become the first person in the world to be hooked up to brain wave equipment, along with my client whilest tapping on bears.   We were then monitored while we went through a complete tapping session to see what was happening in the brain, only tapping on bears.  The results were mind-blowing.


First of all, I spoke for about 20 minutes, explaining to the audience how to use the bears.  The neurofeedback expert said afterwards, that even when I was just 'talking' about the bears,  I was running very high Delta Brain waves, which were 5X stronger than someone usually produces whilst meditating!  She said that this was proving to her that I was channeling this information from a higher source.  And that is exactly what it 'felt' like to me, that the words coming out of my mouth about the bears were not 'my' words. 


After speaking about how to use the bears,  I then began demonstrating how to use a bear by tapping with a client.  As my client , Alison and I began tapping for her issues,  the experts began to notice that we were running similar brain wave patterns by simply tapping on our bears, as those who had earlier been tapping on themselves.  Once we'd cleared Alison's problem or issue and she began to feel forgiveness for herself and others involved in her issue, we both began running high Delta waves, and began showing what is called an 'awakened mind' pattern, which is when mind and body come back into alignment.  It is where we are more connected wtih our higher selves, rather than stuck in ego or duality.  The work we did was very educational as well as fascinating and reinforced a lot of things for me. 


My client, Alison, later reported that during that 45 minute session of tapping on bears, she had completely cleared her OCD problem of locking her doors in the morning, going down the elevator, then having to go back up two or three times to recheck the locked door.  She also realized that she no longer had to hold tightly onto her possessions when riding on a train or being in a crowd.  As many people know, OCD is not always that easy to dissolve. 


It is my understanding that when we are stuck in a problem, we have misaligned or broken a part of our connection with our higher self or intuition.  As we tap to release this stuck energy and begin to see solutions to our problems, we then become more aligned, more elightened....we have more answers, a different perception of what has or is happening.  We can now move forward towards creating a different reality. 


For me, this brain wave work was proof that your EFT can be just as effective, and in some cases, even more effective when tapping on one of my Special Magical Bears, as if you were tapping on yourself or your client.




During my workshops, we've also done quite a bit of experimenting with tapping on bears whilst doing surrogate tapping for friends or loved ones and again had mind-blowing results.  One workshop attendee decided to phone her Mother and ask if she could tap for her.  Her Mother quickly agreed but didn't give her any issues to work on.  The attendee told her Mother to just lie down, relax and notice if anything happened in the next 20 minutes after which she would call her back for a report.  As my workshop participant began tapping on the bear for her Mother whilst working with another workshop attendant, lots of things came into her mind.  She remembered a story she'd heard years ago about her Mother as a child and their home getting hit by a bomb.  Her Mother's head was hurt so her Mother wrapped a headscarf around it and asked her to run see if the neighbors were okay.  There was lots of smoke from the burning buildings, her head throbbed, etc. 

After the tapping session, the workshop attendee phoned her Mother and asked, "Mom, did you notice anything at all?"  Her Mother said, "Well, it's the strangest thing.  As I laid here waiting, my head suddenly started hurting and then I began smelling smoke.  I don't know what that was all about."  The workshop attendee then went on to tell her what had come up during the session.  They were both amazed.  Since that incident, which proved to me how powerful it can be to tap for others, I've had many, many more, stories that I could share here if I had the space.  One even more profound than this one!   Surrogate tapping should be used more and more!!!   It can be miraculous. 




The bears are truly magical for working with children.  For one thing, kids have an uncanny ability to make everything bad that happens....'their fault.'   If Dad or Mom gets angry, it's their fault, in their little minds.  If Daddy leaves or Mommy and Daddy divorce, somehow they make it 'their' fault.  With Magic, you can simply have every problem Be Magic's problem, which then takes the pressure off of the child.  You'll see amazing results when you work with children in this way.

For example:  You see a child overreacting to a little bug. You can get Magic out and tell the child, "Magic is scared of bugs, can you help me tap for him to see if he will feel better?"  Then as you tap on Magic, you say, "Even though you are afraid of bugs, Magic, you're still a great bear." 
Children love helping and it helps them to see that others have problems.  Because children think they ARE a problem, this way of working also helps them be able to make the separation that the 'problem' is separate from them.  On one hand you have a problem, and on the other hand you are still a great kid.  Some common fears of children:  Fear of the dark, fear of dentists, doctors, going to school the first day, going to daycare, not having any friends, etc. etc.  Magic can help!   Magic HAS helped, many children with all of the above and MORE! 




I Love teaching parents how to pick up Magic, have him BE your child, and tap 'as if' you were talking to your child. You will be amazed at what comes to you.  Then notice the difference later in the child. 

Stand over the child while they are in their crib sound asleep and tap for whatever you noticed to be a problem during the day.  Example:  "Even though you seemed so angry today, you didn't feel good and you just couldn't settle down and Mommy doesnt know what is wrong and you are still a good baby and I am still a good Mommy."   Just tap and talk and 'tell the truth' about what was going on and how you feel about it and how 'they might' be feeling.   A very powerful way of working. 


Another great way of working with a child who is three years old or under, is to have the child be in the room playing but tap WITH the parent, 'about' the child.  I've had some amazing results from this way of working. 



Couple tapping can be very powerful and is something that I love facilitating.  Many couples think they are listening to each other but most often we aren't really hearing what they are actually trying to say.  When you face each other, begin activating the energy system by tapping, then use words to express yourself, you will be amazed at how much you not only hear, but understand each other on a much deeper level.  This can help your relationship to move into a whole new level.  Or, if you are on the verge of divorce, one of the many things that it can help with, is to help you part without unresolved emotions of anger and revenge....become friends.  What a difference this can make for any children involved.  You can use the bears, and do this same therapy by putting the bear in the opposite chair and 'seeing' that bear AS your Partner.  Tap and talk to them, get it all out, the TRUTH of how you feel.  THEN, Swap chairs and BE your partner, have the Magical Bear BE you.  Tap and talk to YOU!   You will be amazed! 



This is a brilliant way to bring the family together in a new way.  To get everyone able to sit down and work out their issues together.   I've done this several times with different families and every time we are all amazed and thrilled with the results. 

There have been times when I've needed to tap first with the children, with parents present but only observing.  Then I may send Dad and the kids off for a walk whilst I tap with Mom for a while.  Sometimes the parents might want to tap, talking to each other, with the children observing and 'helping' them tap so that they feel like they are helping Mom and Dad.  This has been extremely powerful.   Again, when using the bears, put a bear in each chair to represent each family member.  Tap and talk to each.  Then switch chairs and BE each family member.  Powerful stuff! 





Put your addiction out in front of you in the form of Magic and talk to it. whilst you tap on the bear.  Have a conversation with your addiction.  Tell it how you feel about it.  Ask it questions?  Listen for answers.  All of our own answers are buried somewhere within us, in the subconscious and superconscious minds.  Tapping helps us begin to reach down into these deeper minds and find emotions that we didn't realize were trapped, old beliefs that no longer serve us, obstacles that are holding us back, and much more.  The more you get into the flow with your tapping, the more insights will pop into your conscious mind. 



Perhaps you are really angry at someone but don't want to let your anger out on them or for some reason it's not possble to confront them.  Put Magic out in front of you and really get out what you wish you could say.   If you need to, swear at him.  Do whatever it takes to get those emotions out, usng Magic as a support.  Tap firmly on him.  This is why he's stuffed so solidly, so that you can so whatever you need to do to get those emotions out.  This is incredibly effective/healing. 



Tap to tell the cigarette how you feel.  You might say things like:  You are killing me yet I cannot give you up.  I need you.  I've needed you since I was ___ years old.  I started using you because ______.    Just tap and let your words flow, allowing new information to come up from your unconscious mind.



Tap and talk to your extra weight or your fat, or whatever you want to call it.  Get real about it.  Put it out in front of you and speak the truth about how you feel deep down inside.



5)  The people who fired you: 

If you've been let go from a job, even if there was supposedly a good reason (i.e. cut backs, etc.) you will have all kinds of emotions around that event and the people who had to deliver the message to you.  Sometimes it will even be a panel of people.  If so, set up a panel of bears to represent each of those who were responsible and tap and let each of them have a piece of your mind, being 'truthful' about how you really feel about them and what they said, how they looked at you, etc. etc. 


6)  The emotion that you do not understand:

Sometimes we have emotions coming up that we do not understand.  It could be a daily sadness, wanting to cry, feeling depressed or any other emotion.  But we can't figure out where it comes from or what it' related to.    Take your Magical Bear out, begin tapping and just tell the bear 'your' truth.  "Hello Magic, I'm feeling so sad lately and I just don't know why.  I have no reason for feeling sad, yet I am so sad.  I try to feel happy and then suddenly I'm feeling sad again.  So sad.  I don't know why."   And just keep repeating those words over and over whilst tapping and see what begins to happen in your mind.  You may get pictures coming into your inner vision.  Or you may suddenly have an event from your past flash across your thoughts.  When that happens, try to catch it, focus on it and just keep tapping.  See where it leads you.  If even stronger emotions come up, allow them to come up while you even more persistently keep tapping.  I sometimes speed my tapping up a bit so as to make sure my thinking mind stays out of the way of the subconscious mind, which is helping do the work for us. 


7)  The Doctor or Nurses who gave you a bad news:

If you've been given some bad news by a doctor or nurse, the way they deliver it, or the way they react just when you or they walk into the room could be part of the trauma of this.  For example:  One client, who had been given a diagnosis of cancer, said that as the doctor came into he room, the nurses hung their heads.  By their reaction, she just knew the news wasn't going to be good.  So 'that' was the beginning of the trauma for her and must be addressed with tapping.  Take the bear, begin tapping on it and tell Magic what happened, how everyone reacted, the tones of their voices, their attiudes, etc.  Clear it all out. 


8) The emotion that you can't handle feeling yet: 

You may have had a huge trauma, you know it's huge and you just don't want to go there because you feel it would just overwhelm you.   Write down a code word, a word that helps you know what it is that you want to address but one that will not trigger the emotion.  For instance,if the issue is about being attacked, you could use a code word such as 'that black thing'.   Along with writing down the code word, you could also write a number for how intense this 'would' be IF you COULD talk about it.  (for example, the normal scale is 0 - 10 but if this is a huge issue, you might write down something like 100)   Take this code word, put it in Magic Button's pocket, then tap on Magic using words such as, "What is written on this paper.  This thing that is written on this paper.  This event that I don't want to talk about.  This event that would have an intensity of 100. This event that Magic is holding for me.  This event that I don' want to even mention, let alone think about."   After a few rounds of tapping, stop, take a deep breath and asess where you are with this.  What number is it now?  If it's still high, tap some more using the words above and adding to them, I STILL can't talk about this. It's STILL 100, etc.  Keep progressing in this way until you bring that number way down to within the 0 - 10 scale, ideally a 7 or 8.  Then see if you can focus on even ONE thing about this event.  Tap on that

only until you can work your way to more.  By the time you get to the 'big one' it will have shrunk a lot and be much easier to handle.   



Magic Helps:


1)  To Separate from the problem.  Put it 'out there' onto the bear.  Magic
    will help you HOLD the problem so that you can tap and see it from a
    different perception. 


2)  Takes the pressure off children, you have an uncanny ability to make 
    everything that happens in the family, 'their fault.'  They can now 
    have it be Magic's fault.  They eventually learn that they might 'have'
    a problem, but 'they' are Still a Great kid! 


3)  Magic carries a SPECIAL ENERGY to Support our Tapping Work.  Sometimes
    when you are feeling down, you might actually 'sense' Magic callingo you
    to come pick him up and tap on him.  Your words will just flow.


4)  Some of the newer Magics have a secret Pocket so a child can write down
    the problem, put it in the pocket and allow Magic to hold onto it whilst
    they tap on:  "What Magic is holding.  This problem that Magic is holding
    for me."   In this way, a child does not have to 'talk about' the problem.


5)  Helps children's 'bad' and painfl feelings magically disappear and transmute
    to better feelings. 


6)  Magic is enhanced with special Crystal energy to hold those enegies sent to help us through
     these amazing Tapping Tool. 






























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               Magical Work


Dear Linda,

I am delighted to report that my granddaughter is not only
delighted with her bear but is sharing the good work with her friends!
It seems she watched the DVD with her mum, and now takes it to bed and taps if she has cramp in the night. She also takes it to school and if any of the other children are miserable she gets them to tap on her bear. Apparently the teachers are very interested in it. She seems much happier so thank God for the bears!

Linda, just have to tell you about Magic Buttons.  He helped me with a delightful little boy called Pat who is 3 yrs old.  Mum was at the end of her tether because he wouldn't sleep,  waking up every hour throughout the night. She was so impressed with Magic Buttons that she bought him  and I spent several hours giving her instruction. I have done a follow up visit and all are really happy with the bear including Pat's  10 year old sister.  Pat now sleeps through the night and loves talking with the bear.


You are very right. Linda's bears have something alive about them.

I've tried another bear but it has never worked for me. I thought it was because I wasn't "getting" the projection tapping. But it's not that. He's "dead" and that little monkey of Linda's...he has something a mass-produced toy doesn't.

This projection tapping has never worked as well before.

Thought you'd like to know.




Linda, I have a very long story to tell you about our experience with Magic Buttons, the Magic DVD Cartoon and my mentally challenged son.  The short story is that it was absolutely amazing.  It was as though he 'knew' what to do with Magic, even before you had started explaining on the DVD.  After we'd watched it all the way through, he asked me if i would help him, but he didn't want to tell me what the problem was so he 'whispered' to Magic as you had suggested.  Then I helped him tap.  He started out being really serious, then eventually began giggling, then told me that the problem had just disappeared.  He was so happy, went to bed easily.  I can't tell you how much this has meant to us.  Thank you so much for Magic, the Cartoon and all your help! 


Thank you so much for teaching us how to work with Magic last week-end.
My relationship to my son has changed so much in only 6 days! I'ts amazing. We spend a lot
more quality time together, and he reaches for Magic, especially when someone is sad.
Today he even tried to tap on Magic himself in order to help his crying cousin. He explained to
her that we can tap on Magic whenever we are sad or are hurting somewhere." 


Note:  This is the best part about teaching children....they go on to teach other children! 

One of many Magic Miracles:

One of my friends took a Magic Buttons Bear home to help in her therapy work.  One day a client brought in her little boy who suddenly would not go to school anymore.  He was extremely frightened,  screaming, kicking, and with emotions far out of proportion.

The psychologist that the Mother was taking him to gave her two choices.  1)  Put him on Ritalin  2)  Just let him scream  (only to get more traumatized.)

So the Mother, refusing to do either of those things, brought him to my friend.  She remembered what I’d taught her about using Magic as the vehicle to reach kids.  So she introduced the little boy to Magic and asked him if he’d like to help her tap for Magic.  She said, "Magic doesn’t like to go to school, can you help me tap for him?”  The little boy was excited to be able to help and began tapping away.

Within about 15 or 20 minutes he was dancing around the room saying, “I can’t wait to go back to school.  I want to go now.”  Then he stopped, ran over to magic and said, “Don’t worry Magic, you’ll want to go to school too!”  

                                        How magical and miraculous is that?!!

       I, Linda, just wanted to cry when I read those last two lines of my friend’s email.


         DVD   $10





                  EFT PROFESSIONAL